The Sprout Process

How it Works: Step 1
Select a pattern
How it Works: Step 2
Choose from thousands of designs
How it Works: Step 3
Customize your project
How it Works: Step 4
project is digitally printed onto fabric
How it Works: Step 5
Cut and sew at home or we'll sew for you


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About Sprout Patterns

Sprout Patterns is a new service that gives you the opportunity to combine sewing patterns with Spoonflower designs to create customized cut and sew projects. Each project is digitally printed by Spoonflower at their Durham, NC headquarters. Sprout takes away the work of tracing a sewing pattern onto fabric and lets you truly enjoy the process of making your own garments and accessories.

Start by choosing your sewing pattern from our curated collection of patterns. Next, put together a palette from Spoonflower designs that you have created, or choose from thousands of marketplace designs. Dynamically fill the pattern with the surface design, then select your size, features and fabric, and relax while your order is printed and shipped to you by Spoonflower. Your project will include pattern pieces digitally printed onto fabric, sewing instructions and the original PDF pattern with all sizes.

"I like the length of this tee and I love the fabric design I chose. I also like the fabric."