Sprout x Berlin

a translation of multi-media art to modern garments

Traditionally art has belonged on the wall; in museums and galleries. We broke down that barrier and brought the art to the people. Art became wearable. The experience of beauty doesn't stop at your doorstep. It continues on with you, representing your spark and spirit.

We collaborated with five international artists who are living in the great city of Berlin. Spoonflower and Sprout are their canvas. Their drawings, paintings and photos are now available on fabric at Spoonflower and on garments at Sprout. Together with these artists, Sprout Patterns and Spoonflower bring you Sprout x Berlin. We are translating art into a language you can understand: fashion.

On September 7th, the art was live, in Berlin. We designed, created and sewed, and shared the the beauty in Neukölln. Now experience it for yourself.


Mele de la Yglesia

I remember myself always with a piece of paper in front of me, with colouring books all over, pens and pencils everywhere. That's how I spent most of my childhood, and actually, most of my life! Drawing, painting, creating and exploring. It was always clear for me what I wanted to do in life: yes, such a lucky woman! I studied Fine Arts in the "Universidad Complutense de Madrid" and an academic year in the HAWK Hochschule für angewandte Wissenchaft und Kunst, where I specialised in Design.

After my years in Madrid, I decided to move to Berlin in 2011, looking for adventures and a creative future. It was then when I started to define my style as it is now: pure lines inspired this time by nature, organic forms which dance together to create abstracts forms on walls, wood, paper and now on fabric, which brings my designs into a new era. Let's make the world a more beautiful place!

Pete Corrie

Pete Corrie, born 1980, is an American artist living in Berlin with his wife and two children. His sun faded images cull a found mythology for souvenirs and ephemera. He enjoys Mickey Mouse tattoos, boule, and the Black Lodge. He has a small studio, which is just fine with him.

He received a BFA in sculpture from Virginia Commonwealth University before he'd ever driven to the west coast and a post doctorate diploma from the Glasgow School of Art before the Charles Rennie Macintosh library burned.

Marcus Nyberg

Marcus Nyberg is a professional photographer based in Berlin. Earlier studies were at the Gamleby School of Photography where he was mentored by Erika Svensson. His work is often expressed in timeless portraits with minimalistic aesthetics.

Cristóbal Schmal

Cristóbal Schmal is a Chilean illustrator now living in Berlin who tells stories with images that are comfortable, funny and strange all at once. After finishing his Graphic Design degree at Valparaiso University in 2001, he moved to Barcelona, working as a Designer/Art Director for several graphic design studios and advertising agencies.

In 2008 he decided to move again to Berlin where he started to work full time as a freelance illustrator, working across editorial, cover art and advertising.

Vivian Kvitka

Vivian Kvitka is a Surface Pattern Designer specializing in textiles and stationery. Born in the American Southwest and based in Berlin Germany, she designs for hip, and confident ladies who are willing to take style risks.

Her design style is in constant flux and responds to the fashion and art world at large. Vivian’s favorite challenge is to design custom patterns alongside developing clear target demographics and brand imagery.