2018 Holiday Ordering Deadlines

Our average turnaround time for all products is 2-3 weeks. If you’d like to receive your order before December 25th, please take care to place your order according to our holiday ordering deadlines below:

How do I use Sprout Patterns?

Sprout Patterns gives anyone the ability to create customized clothing and accessories. Here you will find offerings from pattern makers worldwide, which you can combine with either your own designs or ones from the Spoonflower design marketplace. Once you have customized your dream project you have the option of sewing it yourself, or you can choose to add White Glove Service to an order to have us sew it for you! Ready to get started? You can learn more about how to Sprout here.

I don't sew—can you do it for me?

We currently have a white glove sewing service for some of our patterns! Just select the "Yes, please sew this for me" option on the pattern page. Check out our white glove page to see the details and meet our sewist!

What size should I order?

Each pattern on Sprout has a size chart, which you can find on the pattern page. When ordering a pattern, it is important to measure your body according to the particular pattern's size chart to insure that you choose the right size when checking out. We definitely suggest sizing up if you are in between sizes.

Where are the instructions?

The instructions and the original PDF with all sizes are in your account under the ORDERS tab! If you checked out as a guest, you will have received an email with a download link when you ordered. Please note, while all orders come with PDF instructions, the original patterns are not included for projects from the following patternmakers: Sprout Studio, Artemis Clothing, Natty Neckware, and Mainsail Studio.

How should I care for my fabric?

For all of our fabrics, we recommend washing on a cool, delicate setting with phosphate-free detergent, and machine drying on a cool or permanent press setting (Heavy Cotton Twill should air-dry). This will minimize shrinkage and fading and ensure your fabrics stay looking their best. For our fabrics with cotton content, some fading as a result of washing is typical. To minimize this, please make sure to follow our recommending washing guidelines. For full care instructions, please visit the Spoonflower website.

I live in Europe. Will my order ship from Berlin?

Right now, all Sprout orders are printed and shipped from Spoonflower headquarters in Durham, North Carolina in the US. In order to offset customs charges, any order of $100usd or more gets free shipping to anywhere in the world, no code necessary.

Is the white space around the pattern the seam allowance?

No, the seam allowance (different on each pattern) is included inside the printed part of the pattern. The white space gives you a bit of extra room so you can easily cut out your pattern.

Talk to me about shrinkage.

We use the latest shrinkage numbers that Spoonflower's R&D team have calculated. Our software takes these into account and adjusts each pattern specific to the fabric you chose. This means that after you launder your project, it should be exactly the size you ordered. This is why we recommend that you wash your fabric before cutting and sewing!

How can I order a swatch before deciding on a full project?

Right now to order a swatch of any fabric, you must do so from Spoonflower. All swatches are $5, and you can choose the design you're thinking of in the fabric or fabrics you like best. If you're using a particular fabric for the first time, we do recommend getting a swatch or two to make sure your project is as fabulous as possible!

What if a pattern has darts and/or pleats?

The original pattern with all sizes and instructions is included in your purchase. Use Adobe Acrobat to print your pattern or relevant section using the "full size" option, download Acrobat for free here.

How are Sprout and Spoonflower related?

Sprout is a new project by Spoonflower. Sprout Patterns is all about combining curated patterns with Spoonflower designs for customized sewing projects. Hopefully you've heard of Spoonflower before, but if you haven't, it's a company where anyone can upload their designs, print and sell them on one of 21 fabrics, 2 wallpapers or gift wrap. They produce custom short-run yardage using eco-friendly printing with very little waste; producing just enough fabric for each customer's order. Currently Spoonflower has about 350,000 marketplace designs, created by over 15,000 designers.

Everything you purchase on Sprout is made using Spoonflower's digital printing platform. For more information on Spoonflower, you can visit Spoonflower's About Us page

Can I use Spoondollars to pay for my order?

Unfortunately not yet, but this is definitely something we're considering and trying to figure out how it would work.

Which Spoonflower fabrics are woven and which are knits?

Spoonflower carries both woven and knit fabrics. You can learn more about Spoonflower's fabric offerings here.

WOVEN: Basic Cotton Ultra, Satin, Kona® Cotton, Cotton Poplin, Poly Crepe de Chine, Cotton Lawn Ultra, Silky Faille, Linen-Cotton Canvas, Organic Cotton Sateen, Heavy Cotton Twill, Eco Canvas, Faux Suede, Silk Crepe de Chine.

KNIT: Performance Piqué, Performance Knit, Modern Jersey, Minky, Organic Cotton Interlock Knit, Sport Lycra®.

I need more fabric to make my dog/cat/fish a bandana

We do not sell yardage on Sprout, but the designs and fabric we use are all available on Spoonflower.com where you can buy as little as a swatch or as much as several yards!

I need my order like...yesterday!

Currently Sprout Patterns is not offering any type of rush service for printing or processing, but we are working on it and hopefully will be able to add this feature soon. In the meantime, plan ahead!

I'm so excited! How long until I get my Sprout order?

Every Sprout project is custom printed at Spoonflower for the individual who orders it, which means there will be processing and shipping time involved. Spoonflower's current production estimate is 4-6 calendar days from the time you place your order to the time it ships, though many orders ship much faster than that. The print time varies according to the volume of orders that are currently processing. If you are having items sewn with our White Glove service, this adds an additional 5 days to the processing time. More information on delivery times can be found on their site.

What's your return policy?

Obviously your happiness is super important to us! Each and every Sprout Patterns order is custom printed for the individual who orders it, which means that we cannot re-stock and re-sell material that is returned to us. If you receive a flawed or damaged order, we are always willing to replace or refund it, just send back the item to us, unsewn and unworn. If you wish to return an order for some other reason, we are happy to work with you on a case-by-case basis to make sure you're not stuck with a project that you don't absolutely love.

How can I become a Sprout patternmaker partner?

Are you awesome and have fabulous patterns? We are always looking to make connections with patternmakers! If you are a patternmaker and interested in joining the Sprout community, send a note to us via our Contact Page.

How do I apply Spoonflower designs to to my project?

When starting a new project, click the gold "ADD DESIGNS" button or the teal to add designs to your palette. If you’d like to add solid color coordinates, click the teal eyedropper icon and and then on your chosen designs to add solid colors to your palette.

Once you've added designs to your palette and returned to your project, the page will have "ALL" selected—just click a design to see it applied!

When you select a category (for example, "sleeves" or "collar"):

When you click on a design:

Tell me more about posting my projects to Spoonflower!

Seeing your design on a dress, bag or shirt is pretty awesome. So it follows that we wanted to make it as easy as possible for you to share your Sprout projects to the world. By simply clicking the POST IMAGE button under one of your designs on a project page, the image makes its way over to Spoonflower, automatically. This means no fussing with URLs or downloading images just to upload again elsewhere. This also works not only with for sale designs, but also with designs that are private or public but not yet for sale.

We're pretty excited about this new feature and we're hoping that it will help you better showcase your designs on Spoonflower as well as helping with sales of those designs on Sprout projects. And even better? The image on Spoonflower links directly back to your project page on Sprout. It's like magic! Post your Sprout project to Spoonflower.