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The Sprout Collective is a platform for pattern makers who are just getting started. We are committed to empowering those individuals who have great ideas and the personal drive to bring them to reality. We give our Collective members a starting point by offering assistance with sizing and grading, exposure to our marketplace, and an opportunity to be creative.

Unlike the traditional fashion industry, since we use Spoonflower's print-on-demand model, there is no high overhead cost up front to build inventory. Sprout is committed to reducing fabric waste in both landfills and your closets by providing an attractive and fun alternative to fast fashion.

Because of their nascent status as pattern makers, we will not include the PDF pattern as part of your purchase.

Discovering & supporting new pattern makers


Our mission is to empower pattern makers by giving them exposure to a larger audience, guiding them through the production process and supporting their vision in the fight against fast fashion.

Collective Members

  • Artemis Clothing

    Effortless, casual clothing that feels good

    Artemis Clothing is an indie clothing brand with a passion for design, sustainability, craftsmanship, and staying connected to our local community.

  • Natty Neckware

    Be Notable. Be Natty. Be Notably Natty.

    Have the courage to step out of your comfort zone. Use wisdom to learn from mistakes and failures while finding the positivity within them to utilize for growth in the future.